Democrats Quaking

Best evidence yet the Dems expect to be blown out in November? NPR is running a breathless feature on the perils of gerrymandering. They dug up people from the Gingrich generation to complain about the horrors of Wepubwican Mawfeasance. Not one word about how the Dems rig everything by race so no one has to actually debate any ideas, you just vote for the black, the hispanic....

Not related, but since I'm listening to NPR while doing busy-work, another thing I do not thank Pastor Whatsit down in FL for is the self-righteous "statement" I just heard one Maureen Fiedler, host of some faith-oriented talk show make. Never mind that he didn't do it and the moment has passed, she had to play her pre-recorded statement... and be sure we know that nit-nat down in FL follows a direct line of nitmats straight back to the...dun-dun-DUN...Inquisition. She is definitely against the Inquisition she'll have you know. /snort