Skirting The Issue


I wasn't going to bring this up because even though it's hilarious it's also disheartening.  Here's the Pope in his 80s summoning up tremendous energy and physical courage to go traipsing around the world defending reason and liberty in the face of death threats....and his alleged disciples are paying little attention, because they're seriously arguing about...pants.

It started here, where someone way too big for his britches turned an aesthetic point (he prefers women in skirts) into a moral one (therefore women shouldn't wear pants) in a tone clearly meant to be funny but which painfully failed to come off.

Since there is a tiny subset of the Catholic ghetto that appears to think the "feminine genius" is self-doubt, and only the tentative, second-guessed, sour-faced life is worth living --and this guy was playing right into that-- Simcha Fisher let him have it both barrels -- and she is funny, so the results were hilarious. Twice.

She pantsed him.

I wish I'd had the sense to read her posts, laugh, and leave it at that, rather than skimming the comments, which, combined with those generated at other blogs which picked up the controversy , created a Disturbance of the Force of literally thousands of panting comments.

I guess I understand....telling people their position on marginal tax rates is stupid is not as personal as saying, "Yes, those pants do make you look fat." But it is a little discouraging to see so many folks incapable of having a quick laugh and moving on, and so many with truly weird ideas about modesty and what pants mean sociologically. (Thank you, Boomers! My entire generation, Right and Left, is completely messed up!) Plus, as blog comments tend to, many remarks expose the contemporary inability to read for meaning, which depresses the dickens out of me.

(Original post: "Though blue is lovely, my favorite color is red." Commenter: "I hate people like you who hate red. Die!")

I was going to leave the whole topic alone, since ideally I think Catholics should try attracting people to the faith, except it turns out the whole debate has skipped the Big Pond and now there's a German blog into the act, which brings me after long build-up to the point of this post --to introduce the funny new word for the kind of Catholic who thinks the problem is pants. In a post entitled Der Hosenkrieg (already I'm laughing), we are introduced to the term:
der astrogiganthyperhardcorekonservativen katholischen
Tee hee. Enjoy that musical rebuttal up top. Or possibly this one, for which the video is odd, but the song is apt.