Teresa Laughs Last

Remember the great hue and cry over the owner of the Empire State building refusing to honor Mother Teresa on her centenary?

Well, on the weekend the Post Office unveiled the new Mother Teresa stamp, this is what we see.

For the record, it's not for Mother Teresa, but it amuses me that there's been this somewhat bitter argument going on over whether the building would be lit for her, and the lights are in her colors anyway.

While we're here, the postmaster had some nice comments:
During the ceremony, Potter explained that it is important for the government agency to “focus attention on subjects our country regards with respect and affection, and that is certainly true of Mother Teresa, who believed so deeply in the innate worth and dignity of humankind and worked tirelessly on behalf of the poor, sick, orphaned and dying.”

The postmaster added that he is “very proud” for the U.S. to be “honoring Mother Teresa with such a lasting memorial.” Collectible first-day postmark editions of the new stamp will be available directly through the U.S. Postal Service.