What Do You Mean By That?

Visitors at a different parish this morning. Treated to a homily on global warming, which had what to do with the rich man and Lazarus I'm not sure. Thank you, Father, for making my pre-teens cynical about the Church because they know the facts of the case better than you, and for making my weekly opportunity to refresh my soul tedious. I'm sure you meant well.

The priest, who seemed a perfectly nice fellow, avuncular in aspect and tone, said we could talk about the environment "leaving politics aside," and then proceeded to repeat a set of political talking points which might have been credible three years ago but are thoroughly discredited now. I suppose like many pastors he doesn't have time to keep up. Which suggests some things, but that's not my purpose here.

I have been pondering what that fellow thinks "politics" means if he thought he was leaving it aside.