Never Has A Political Ad Made Me So Happy

I just heard a radio ad for Steny Hoyer. I have never heard one, though the man has been in office since I was a wee tiny thing.

Do you realize what this means? Steny Hoyer -- a man with a district as gerrymandered as any in the Union-- has to spend money on himself this year.

Go Charles Lollar!  The Hill confirms my ears' suspicions.
Unfortunately for Steny, unlike in 2008, he is the target of the demand for change in 2010. Further, he isn’t getting to run against a tomato can, as Republicans nominated Lollar, whose fiery rhetoric has stirred passions not only in the Tea Party, but also among both the large veteran and African-American communities that Hoyer has traditionally depended upon for his victory margins.
Whether or not he pulls it off, Lollar is doing something important for the country:
Hoyer is now stuck in the district for the remainder of the campaign, as opposed to making appearances for colleagues around the country. ... Like the Marine he is, Charles Lollar is keeping Hoyer pinned down in Maryland, rather than allowing him to ride to the rescue around the country. Win or lose, come Nov. 2, the country will owe Charles Lollar a gigantic thank-you for having the courage and willpower to run in a district where all the “smart” people said it was a waste of time. Sounds like just the kind of guy we need in Congress.