Emperor's New Unmentionables

I love the Wall Street Journal, but every so often they run a feature that bewilders me. Like this holiday gift guide featuring macarons for $300. Or boxers for $175/ pair and the custom-made lingerie at a cool $600/garment. Far be it from me to deny people who can afford them the finer things in life, but surely there is a diminishing return on investment for certain kinds of items? Spending that much money on either undergarments or denim strikes me as not luxurious but absurd --very "Emperor's New Clothes," and why would anyone want such a thing in the first place?

Nevertheless, I tried this out on Mr. W. , suggesting that nothing would make my little heart go pitter-pat this Christmas so much as undies for a cool grand. He said try my next husband. Hmmph. Just see if he gets the Fendi bicycle with built-in GPS and removable gazelle saddlebags!