Spanish Halloween

The Pope was in Spain over the weekend, and his speeches there were mighty direct, even for him. I guess he understands Spanish "orgullo" well. More on that later, but first, the protesters:
There was a big homosexual kiss-in on the pope's parade route. A fair number of the protest signs were in English, which means they weren't really intended for the Pope or for their country-men, were they?

I sometimes wonder if people mean to say what they say. For example:
Disagree with Church teaching, fine. But do you really want to make condoms your religion?
  REUTERS/Gustau Nacarino

There's an original line. Rosary doesn't rhyme with "ovary" in Catalan or Galician, either.  The other sign says, "We're witches, we're free women."

Well, one, anyway.