Trying To Bring Down The Good Guys

Shamelessly pinched from here, curtsy to Kaching!

It is instructive that Julian Assange, the face for WikiLeaks, has not hacked into and exposed the secret files of Russia, China, North Korea, or comparable nations that are unfriendly to American interests and policies.

The reason, simply stated, is that Assange knows we would be talking about him in the past tense if he had.
That, plus the fact that while the Wikileaks info has been damaging to allies, to the war effort, and to our allies' ability to speak to us openly, what's also been revealed is that the government doesn't lie to us and things are more or less as we've been told...with the details prudently omitted, of course.

As for the charges against Assange in Sweden....I am amazed to discover there's any such thing as a sex crime in a Scandinavian country....  Hope for us yet?