Don't Be Fooled

Seems like all the commentators are being fooled by the President's speech last night. The main Conservative complaint seems to be that he doesn't really mean it about American exceptionalism.

But the problem with the President's take isn't hypocrisy, it's that he has no idea what American exceptionalism is.

The President is right that America's the only nation founded on an idea, but he thinks that idea is that you can be anything you want to be: the Progressive ideal of the autonomous individual, infinitely malleable, unbounded by anything at all.

That is not the American idea. The American idea is that all men are created equal and nothing should stand in the way of a person's pursuit of human flourishing according to the laws of nature and nature's God.

This was not a speech about American exceptionalism, it was the same old progressivism dressed up in flattery and condescension. Cheerleading, not vision.