Genius Of The British Press

Opinionated Catholic, in a series of tweets, points out a Pope story the Mirror has embarrassingly wrong. Pope Benedict XVI calls on parents to use proper Christian names says the if His Holiness were calling out the Paltrows and Zappas of this world.
Christian names are an “indelible sign from the Holy Spirit” that help protect family life, the Pope said.
That is, um, not quite what he said. Or actually, not even close.
It is not by chance, in fact, that every baptized person acquires the character of son from the name Christian, indisputable sign that the Holy Spirit brings man to be born “again” from the womb of the Church.
And if you followed him at all you'd know it rings totally false. This pope is not a schoolmarm, sniffing at people for every little thing.

I'm thinkin' if you have this beat, you should maybe learn Italian? Or wait for the translation? Or just quit makin' stuff up?

Update: Noooo. Don't trust the British press.

Update 2: A whole 'nother pope story completely made up.