The Welfare Quip Is Bonus

It amuses me when inclusive language is not only tedious and unnecessary, but actually absurd. As in this splendid example. The political point at the end is lagniappe.
U.S. President Barack Obama is reported to be attending church again, and shows a "fresh start," by persistently misquoting from the Book of Genesis, chapter four. "I am my brother's keeper; I am my sister's keeper," he suggests it says. Check out the original. It is a scene in which no sisters appear, and the brothers in question are Cain and Abel. In particular, the intellectual leap from "you must not murder your brother," to "you must create and sustain a vast and ponderous welfare system, that is funded by taxing him and borrowing the rest from China," is not Biblical.
"Am I my brother's keeper?" may or may not have some relevance to the welfare state not considered heretofore, but add in a girl and you're inventing a second murder. Curtsy: American Digest