All Your Comments Are Belong To Us

Price hikes and dissatisfaction are about to occasion my switch to another comment system --too bad, because we were right in the middle of a nice "fight" on a series of posts. The old comments have been saved and exported, and I'll make an effort to import them into the new system if possible, but for now they are about to go "poof." If they don't return, blame technology, not censorship: my apologies.

Update: Grr. Echo doesn't play nice with anyone. They made it hard to import comments last year; have been incredibly officious about pricing (I coughed up the nominal fee last year to save my comments, but they did not mention last year that this year the price I paid for the year would become a monthly fee...would have never have used them in the first place had I known); and it doesn't let you export comments in a format usable by other platforms. Boo! Hiss!

Might cut and paste in some of the most interesting discussions...but I have a life, and one must learn to be probably not.