Amen & Hallelujah!

Sayed Mussa has been freed and is out of Afghanistan (he's the guy facing the death penalty for converting to Christianity). I never heard the story of his conversion before:

Mussa said his move to Christianity began during the Afghan civil war when the house of his neighbor, a porter with eight children, was bombed.
He saw two foreign women arrive in a white vehicle who were not afraid to search through the rubble despite the presence of armed men nearby.
“Many tried to hide, but the women didn’t,” said Mussa.
He was curious about the women, who were able to find one person alive in the rubble. He later learned they were Christian aid workers who helped Afghans in a clinic.
That prompted Mussa to learn more about the Christian faith. He met a man named Mohammad Hussein, who had recently returned from Iran and was a Christian convert. Mussa pressed him for religious books and other information about Christianity.