Moot Point

 Shamelessly pinched from here, whence many other pix from inside Libya

ninme had an amusing post title the other day:

A Brief History of Muammar Mo’ammar Moammar Moamer Mu’ammar Mu’amar Muamar Qaddafi Gadhafi Kaddafi Qadhafi El Kadhafi Gadafi al-Qadafi El Kazzafi al-Gaddafi Al Qathafi Al Qathafi el-Gadhafi El Kadhafi al-Qadhafi al-Qadhdhafi Qadafi Gaddafi Qadhdhafi Khaddafi al-Khaddafi Ghaddafy al-Kadafi Ghaddafi Quathafi Gheddafi Al-Kaddafi Ghadafi Kaddafi Khadafy Qudhafi al-Qaddafi, AKA Mulazim Awwal Mu’ammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Qadhafi.

Seems we can retire that question, though I continue to be confused about why it's so difficult for us to settle on an anglicization of names translated from other alphabets. At the very least can't we agree that it's not right to spell things so as to make them unpronounceable in English?

On a similar note, remember when the Contras were in the news all the time and suddenly Peter Jennings et al started pronouncing Nicaragua as Neekarawha? Couldn't help but laugh the past month at the fact that the fellow who's been for 30 years HAHZ-nee MooBAHRak to us suddenly this month became HōZ-nee MoobarAHK. Who decides these things?