"We Need To Answer The Questions Americans Are Asking"

CAIR & the Muslim Public Affairs Council are protesting Rep. King's terrorism hearings. The Ahmadiyya Muslim community argues otherwise.
“We think it’s an issue that needs to be discussed openly. We need to answer the questions Americans are asking and we need to do it repeatedly,” the Ahmadiyya national spokesman Waseed Sayed told me today.
“Wherever they may be asked, we will go, unapologetically, and we will answer the questions.”
Sayed also added that simply complaining about media perceptions of Islam is unhelpful. He called on American Muslims to take responsibility for changing negative views of the religion by actively promoting peace and opposing extremism. “We try to focus on what the Muslims living in America need to do to improve their own situation. We don’t want to focus on us complaining,” he said.
The group has also launched a campaign against extremist rhetoric. It's called "Muslims for Loyalty."