Cutting Edge

David Bentley Hart says bring back the cut, which the Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue describes:
To renounce acquaintance with any one is to cut him. There are several species of the cut. Such as the cut direct, the cut indirect, the cut sublime, the cut infernal, &c. The cut direct, is to start across the street, at the approach of the obnoxious person in order to avoid him. The cut indirect, is to look another way, and pass without appearing to observe him. The cut sublime, is to admire the top of King’s College Chapel, or the beauty of the passing clouds, till he is out of sight. The cut infernal, is to analyze the arrangement of your shoe-strings, for the same purpose.
As long-time advocate of applying the same policy to internet linking (so many people who Must Not Be Linked or paid any mind whatever, really), I applaud. RTWT for amusing literary references to "the cut."