Marriage In Maryland

Same sex marriage is before the legislature in Maryland. It passed easily in the Senate and was expected to sweep through in the House of Delegates as well. Marriage defenders geared themselves up to undo the damage in a state-wide referendum next election.

But lo and behold, it is not sweeping easily through the House. Delegates are being hammered hard to vote against, to the point that a couple of key co-sponsors of the bill didn't show up for the vote and one has withdrawn and will now vote against. She wants a civil unions bill instead.

Here's a statement from the bishops of Maryland on the subject. And here's an update on the state of things from the Weekly Standard. As of yesterday, according to same sex marriage advocates, they were 4 votes short -- so keep pounding away at your delegates (find them here)

The main opposition is coming from African-American pastors and their flocks. The Maryland Catholic Conference is doing yeoman's work as well -- but, alas, the Governor, President of the Senate, and Committee Chairman in the House are the three of them "Catholics" pushing for this. I went to school with the Senate president's daughters and with the committee chairman. I wouldn't call them ideologues, really. Just the most conventional possible thinkers imaginable; you can't imagine them ever opposing the zeitgeist. Yay, 1980s Catholic schools formation, you make us so proud.