Americans For Tax Reform And Boehner's CR

My eyes spin whenever numbers are crunched, so I have no opinion worth consulting, apart from being not too worried about a Continuing Resolution that will only carry us through September (or less). Far more important battles are looming.

For what it's worth, Americans For Tax Reform is defending Boehner on the Continuing Resolution, against....just about everyone.
the nit-picking on numbers is a result of conflation between how the government budgets and how it spends money.  The entire FY 2011 budget discussion has revolved around the government’s Budget Authority (BA), the permission given to government to spend money. Thus, the House-passed H.R.1 cut $61 billion in BA for the fiscal year, while H.R. 1473 cuts almost $40 billion.

Some are arguing now that because these cuts are not reflected in outlays, or the money that actually goes out the door, they are not “real.” This is not only disingenuous, it is totally ignorant of the way the federal government budgets.

What’s more, it is an entirely nonsensical conservative position to argue that rescinding permission to spend money does not equate to spending cuts. To reform the federal budget process, small government advocates need to address the way government spends money – as the process is driven by BA, and not outlays, it is unhelpful to discuss budget-cutting in terms of outlays. It is especially malevolent to do so now in the eleventh hour of the budget fight that has revolved entirely around a discussion of BA for FY 2011.

Don't take my word for it, but that does make the sudden revolt seem stupid.