Back To The Future

Paul Kengor has a few observations about the Democratic Party and Planned Parenthood. He cites Margaret Sanger's vision:
in the June 1935 edition of her flagship publication, Birth Control Review, in an article titled, "Birth Control in Russia," Sanger concluded:
Theoretically, there are no obstacles to birth control in Russia. It is accepted … on the grounds of health and human right…. [W]e could well take example from Russia, where there are no legal restrictions, no religious condemnation, and where birth control instruction is part of the regular welfare service of the government.
She later says this:
All the officials with whom I discussed the matter stated that as soon as the economic and social plans of Soviet Russia are realized, neither abortions nor contraception will be necessary or desired. A functioning Communistic society will assure the happiness of every child, and will assume the full responsibility for its welfare and education.
Well, okay, that was the hope (however utopian.)What actually happened, however was that the abortion rate skyrocketed. If we were indeed to learn something from the Russian experience, it might be that what you subsidize you get more of.