Out Of Touch With Families

Many folks have remarked on the President's rather arrogant answer to a fellow who asked him about gas prices at a town hall in Pennsylvania, but to my mind they missed the most interesting aspect of the exchange.

I sometimes wonder if Conservative bloggers actually listen to the cuts they remark on, since the context is often missing --and on this clip, at least one guy I read said the Prez had no reason to assume the questioner drove a big car. But he did: the guy told him so, and said it was because he had a big family....and that's what's more interesting....the President's reaction to his and another guy's family sizes.

It's not arrogant or disapproving or judgmental...just stunned. He's never heard of such a thing. He was perfectly nice about it, but the fact that some families truly can't fit in a prius is not on his radar screen in any way. That says more to me about the ivory tower he's in than the gas remark. The relevant remarks begin about 2:20.  Curtsy: Jill Stanek