Ryan For The Poor


Good for Ryan! He explains the key features of his Medicare reform -- and makes the point that it's Obamacare that comes on the backs of the poor and gives breaks to the rich.

#1: Under Ryan's plan, Medicare doesn't change at all for people 55 and above.
#2: Ryan's plan saves Medicare by means testing --which means fewer benefits for the wealthy who don't need them and MORE coverage targeted to the needy. Obama's plan keeps making payments to wealthy and poor alike, but reforms Medicare through IPAB (death panels): 13 unelected officials who make the medical decisions, rationing care and disproportionately affecting the elderly, the frail and the handicapped.
#3: Ryan doesn't "cut taxes for the wealthy" as the Dems are saying falsely. He simply extends the Bush tax cuts. Obama raises taxes.

So: which plan do you want? The one with tax hikes for everyone, rationed care for everyone, medical decisions in the hands of government --and not even elected government-- and the same benefits paid to millionaires as to the needy? [And the whole economy collapses within a decade, so no coverage for anyone, no matter how needy?]
Or the plan where nothing changes for 55 & above, and for the those 54 and under, payments to the wealthy are cut somewhat so as to better cover the poor and lower middle class, individual choice and freedom is preserved, and the system is saved long term for everyone?

Budgets are in some sense always moral documents, but this particular budget battle strikes me as a moral battle. Ryan's plan embodies solidarity, subsidiarity and preferential option for the poor and seems to have been designed with those principles of Catholic social thought in mind.