Exemplars of Civil Discourse

Compare and contrast.
Paul Ryan wrote Archbishop Dolan a letter about the moral dimensions of the budget.
Archbishop Dolan, speaking as President of the USCCB, wrote back. He neither endorses nor criticizes any dimension of Ryan's plan (in some places perhaps he suggests the bishops might push his plan in a certain direction), but does praise his consideration of moral principles in thinking about budgetary matters.

Read both. And God bless Archbishop Dolan for blowing the budget debate open for thinking Christians to discuss without the nonsense idea that preferential option for the poor can take no form other than massive federal intervention.
Your letter is correct in observing that the Church makes an essential contribution to society when she raises up moral principles to help guide and inform decisions about public policy in a compelling way. We bishops are very conscious that we are pastors, never politicians. As the Second Vatican Council reminds us, it is the lay faithful who have the specific charism of political leadership and decision (Lumen Gentium, 31; Apostolicam Actuositatem 13). The high call to public service which you have nobly answered entitles you and all our elected officials to our respect and constant prayer. Thanks to you and your colleagues for accepting that call.
Now compare the level of discussion in those letters with this, which the Dolan letter effectively rebukes it seems to me, even if that is not the intent. (No wonder Speaker Boehner issued this statement.) Or this.  Who is grappling with Catholic social teaching in a serious way?