Muslims Against Jihad

Jennifer Rubin found some interesting "moderate Muslims" in a conference at the Heritage foundation.
C. Holland Taylor, the founder of LibforAll — a private foundation that promotes moderate Muslims’ efforts to root out Islamic extremism — and the co-publisher of and contributor to the book, along with Kyai Haji Achmad Mustofa Bisri, an Indonesian religious leader, scholar and artist (and the author of a new epilogue for the English-version of the book), appeared on the first of two panels. The message was two-fold. First, radical Muslims have propounded the false notion that theirs is the one true interpretation of Islam and that anyone who doesn’t abide by their interpretation (Muslim or otherwise) is wrong and should be silenced (by death if need be). Second, there are highly respected religious figures as well as politicians and cultural figures in Muslim countries pushing back against an ideology of hate, violence and religious supremacy who could use our help.
Read on, but also compare what is said with this, a post about the perspective of a magazine for Muslim-Americans. Not radical, but not democratic, either --rather like that tiny sub-set of Catholics pining for a return to monarchy? (Also answers for me the question why the Muslim community is pro-Obamacare.)