We Found The Missing Mass!

If we’re looking very very long distances from Earth we’re detecting mass but if we’re looking closer to Earth we only see about half the mass that we’re expecting to see. So this is what is called the missing mass problem,” she said.
”People have theorised that this mass has settled in filaments that extend between clusters of galaxies, so we tested and confirmed this prediction by detecting it in the filaments.”
ninme, via Brett McS, finds a breakthrough in Astrophysics that I don't quite follow because it includes names such as Fraser-McKelvie, Pimbblet and Lazendic-Gallowayut (I mean there's your missing mass right there: all those consonants!), but I gather means one more mystery of the universe is solved.

I bring this up not because I'm so keen on astrophysics, but because of Brett McS' keen observation in comments that he's not surprised it was a woman who found it. Nor am I.

Men can't find stuff. It requires two X chromosomes. If Mr. W. or one of his three sons opens the refrigerator and the catsup is at eye level in the front in the mondo-size from the warehouse store, as males of the species they will call up to me from several stories away to ask where the catsup is. Girl Weed, on the other hand, can find Middle Weed's transparent microscopic special Lego brick where it's been lying for a month after it popped off his spaceship and rolled under a dust bunny in a hidden corner of the coat closet under the rain boots that no one has worn for three years. It's uncanny.