In An Ideal World, Kung Fu Fighting Isn't The Hill I'd Have Died On

This is everywhere today, but I really think everyone should watch it, so go ahead if you haven't. An excellent short defense of free speech against group grievances and an exemplar of the polemicist's craft as well. As Andrew Bolt, the man being defended, writes:
of all that was said on the night and sent, Mark Steyn’s contribution was the one that brought down the house. I confess to being in awe of it - not just because I appreciate the compliment of having it come from probably the most brilliant columnist in the English-speaking world, but because it’s such a tremendous piece of writing.

Mark Steyn on Free Speech at the IPA from Institute of Public Affairs on Vimeo.

Update: While we're at it, if you're thinking it's not that bad here yet, the Justice Dept. is going after jokes on campus, certain absurd policies and attorneys general not included.

Update 2: On the other hand, Geert Wilders found innocent!