Ledeen On The Sophomores

You know how I always complain Obama's speeches read like they're written by sophomores --that they misuse history in ways that shows they haven't actually read it, and Obama is the epitome of a Harvard education?

I feel vindicated, since Michael Ledeen agrees. Ledeen connects the dots on the huge number of presidential gaffes: not just slips of the tongue, but truly embarrassing mistakes, like saying a deceased medal of honor winner was alive. I don't blame necessarily blame the President for the former, but who the heck briefs him?

Ledeen notes there are few White House leaks, and suspects that means only a few people ever see anything the President is going to say:
I think they are only circulated among a very small number of people for comment, and those people are probably very busy, and don’t have the time to check things like the precise name and history of a Medal of Honor recipient.
However, fact-checking failure doesn't explain everything.
That would explain today’s embarrassment (embarrassment to us, to the nation–he speaks for us, after all–since he doesn’t seem to suffer embarrassment very often), but it doesn’t explain things like the apology for his lack of fluency in “Austrian” or his lack of knowledge that we have  a Marine Corps (pronounced “core”).  That comes from lousy education, from lack of basic knowledge about the world.  And if I’m right about the small number of administration officials who get to see his words before they’re delivered in public, it tells us that they, too, aren’t properly educated.
It tells us that the president and his trusted advisers are the products of the atrocious, politically correct educational system that’s wrecking the country in so many ways.  And it’s very worrisome.  It’s part of the Orwellian universe that envelops many of our leaders, a universe in which they feel free to simply invent “facts” so long as they fit the emotional and ideological pattern that really matters to the elite.