NY SSM Senate Debate -Live Feed

Given how influential NY will be on other states, the big story in the US tonight is the vote on same sex marriage there. The Conservative Party says it will pass --the pro side just got the 32nd vote on a weak religious liberty protection. Watch the live feed here (it should be the last question to come up).

Update: scratch that, the rumored 32nd vote seems to be a "no" after all. Still a crap shoot and two senators need phone calls.

Update 2: 10:16, watching NY Sen. Grisanti's speech. Worst thing I've ever heard. He says he's Catholic and was raised to believe marriage is between a man and a woman, but he was also trained as an attorney to use his reason...and he can't come up with a legal reason to oppose. But dozens of US Courts and judges, not to mention the majority of the American People have. He says, "who am I?" to prevent rights? Who are you to overturn human history and the majority of New Yorkers?

Update 3: 10:29 New York just abolished marriage, 33-29, to thunderous applause in the chamber