Harry Reid Is The Problem

Debt Ceiling negotiations aside, on budget questions generally, why is no heat being focused on Harry Reid? (Mr. W. is shooting eye daggers at you, TPaw, for taking the cheap shot that President "isn't leading," when he's the Chief Executive, not the Legislator-in-Chief.)

In 1974, Congress passed the Congressional Budget & Impoundment Control Act, which obligates the President to propose and Congress to pass a budget each year. Congress has flagrantly failed to follow its own law for two years now, the Dems refusing obey the law presumably because they'd rather not put on paper for all to see how high they wish to raise taxes.

The President proposed a budget (although his own party squealed so much that a month later in his GWU speech, he walked away from it). The House has done its part; it passed a budget earlier this year.

The hold-up is Harry Reid's Senate, which voted down the House budget, the President's budget, and I think other budgets as well, though I am too lazy to look that up. The person who is "failing to lead" on the budget is Harry Reid. Where is his plan? How many years can the Senate simply ignore the law with no penalty? Which other laws is Congress permitted to simply ignore?