It's The Culture, Stupid

ninme found an interesting take on why Conservatives don't make it in Hollywood. This guy thinks it's actually not the politics.
all the love is unstructured and useless. The obsession with telling good personal stories means that charity is atomized (“I personally, like, believe, you know, that education is so important … and that’s why I, like, read books.”) When asked what he does for a living, one man told me earnestly, “I fight poverty”. The how, when, and why were never followed up, but he seemed very sincere about it. “I’m building a website. To fight poverty.”
That might be one reason why Buddhism is so popular out here. It’s all about personal narratives – one man’s voyage from ignorance to enlightenment. And I’ve heard many, many of them. One Buddhist movie producer explained that, “We don’t judge or evangelise; we are all on our own journey”. But for faith to transcend personal therapy, it relies on externals – doctrines, churches, monks, priests, communities. No one in Los Angeles, I sense, exists for other people. How can they, sitting as they do on their yoga mats in perfect isolation from one another – colliding only at vegan picnics to save the white tiger? Everyone is very friendly, friends even. But for relationships to have value there must be flickers of love and hate. In the purple light of the Pacific Ocean, everything in Los Angeles is … Zen.
There seems to be a genuine insight there. Here's his commentary on a famous writer who got in trouble for saying he voted for W. 
the real problem with what the writer said wasn’t the content but the act of disagreement itself. Hollywood conversations deal in hyperbolic affirmations covering for lies: “You’re amazing. That pitch was the best ever. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met. Adam Sandler is the funniest man alive!” Disagreement and contradiction are acts of verbal rape.
So if you smiled and said, "You're beautiful, baby, and the President is faaaabulous," no one would notice if you continued to promote Conservative ideas? I can see that.

The only thing that makes me doubt is this:
Many Republicans claim that they are locked out of making movies by their politics. But that’s not how Hollywood works. This town is all about business, and that business is driven by ideas. For anyone to exclude any idea on the grounds of ideology would be stupid – it would lose the viewership of at least half the country.
Is he not aware of the string of war movie flops? Hollywood for years has not minded losing the viewership of at least half the country.