Tom Friedman's House

Shamelessly pinched from here.

I don't know why I tortured myself on a Sunday morning by reading Tom Friedman, except that My Spy in New York pointed out that the first third of this column appears to get it right: future generations of Greeks are being robbed by the current generation, which ran up debt lavishing perks on itself, with no concern for justice to anyone else. Could Tom Friedman of all people have gotten on the Die, Boomers, Die bandwagon?

Sounded promising, but no, the fault turns out to be Capitalism's. I actually agree with him, because he's describing crony capitalism, which ain't capitalism at all, but Big Business' corrupt collusion with federal regulators to make actual free markets impossible. Friedman thinks the solution is more federal regulation and less liberty, and that Eric Cantor is the epitome of Boomer self-indulgence.

Let's just all picture Friedman's house in our minds whenever he lectures us about such matters.