We've Won?

WaPo: Panetta: U.S. 'within reach' of defeating al-Qaeda. Administration blather? I don't know, but I've come to respect Panetta, he's not just a hack; it's note-worthy that bin-Laden's document stash is filled with complaints about funding problems. And several grafs in, General Petraeus agrees:

His statements about a fading al-Qaeda were echoed shortly after his arrival in Kabul on Saturday by Gen. David Petraeus, the outgoing commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan. Petraeus said that the counterterrorism campaign in the remote tribal areas of Pakistan, near the Afghan border, had done “enormous damage” to al-Qaeda beyond the killing of bin Laden.
“That has very significantly disrupted their efforts,” Petraeus added, “and it does hold the prospect of really a strategic defeat — if you will, a strategic dismantling of al-Qaeda.” Petraeus is retiring from the Army this summer and is scheduled to take over Panetta’s job as director of the CIA in September.