A Good Deal

Bill McGurn 'splains why this debt ceiling bill is a game-changer and Rush and all those who are disappointed are flat wrong. I will also be so bold as to say McCain was right when he made this infamous remark everyone took umbrage at. For the record, he didn't call anyone a hobbit as if that were an insult. His point was that the tea party candidates who were dumping on Boehner as a squish and quashing any deal consider themselves hobbits assaulting Mordor, whereas they'd be better served to understand they are elected officials and there are real limits imposed by the political process. You cannot be 1/3 of the bargaining process and impose terms on others.

From behind-the-scenes reports, I think Boehner has been terrific in these negotiations and has come out victorious in spite of members of his own party undercutting him at every turn. The tea party candidates are great, but sometimes they function like the kind of pro-lifer who won't vote for a bill to ban abortion except in cases of rape and incest because all the babies aren't saved. In politics, you take the victories you can and then work for the next one; you don't try to fix everything in one fell swoop.