Snakes On A Car

A couple of nights ago I enjoyed getting the willies from an incident in #1 Ladies' Detective Agency during which Mma Ramotswe escapes a cobra which gets entangled in her engine when he darts across the road in front of her. In the course of the account we learn this is a common occurrence in Botswana, and I was praising the Lord once again that I live in the United States. It may be inferior to Botswana in kindness and tribal wisdom, but at least we don't get snakes in moving cars.

Then CMR went and posted this, ripping yet another of my petty securities out from under me. As I was watching it, I happened to put my bare foot down on my computer cord...and jumped halfway to the sky. Which probably means I have to concede Round 2 to the snake.

Update: Brett McS just sent me 87 reasons to re-think my choice of Oz as emergency back-up country. Men laying pipe for a water line found these babies just sitting in one of 'em. /shudders