Captain America

Labor Day weekend was a weekend of labor primarily in the Weed household, but it required some sort of last hurrah to bid Summer vacation farewell, and only Captain America fit the bill of a movie wholesome enough for the kids, not too stupid for the adults, and as yet unseen by any of us.

I regret letting rumors that the "America" facet of the Captain would be downplayed keep us away all summer, since they proved completely unwarranted and this is a nearly perfect comic book film, with the dual caveats: 1) I never read Captain America or Avengers comic books as a kid, so haven't the foggiest whether it's true to the story and 2) I said "comic book film," so I am assuming you can suspend your disbelief that there was a worse Nazi than Hitler, who acquired occult powers and, in the 1940s, weapons technology beyond what we can dream of even today.

If you can will yourself not to think too hard about the premise, it's a thoroughly fun romp in which Americans and their allies are unreservedly the good guys and truth, justice and the American way...oh, wait, that's the wrong superhero... courage, loyalty, humility, self-sacrifice, decency and nobility carry the day.

Nice script. They take the time to develop characters before the action kicks in, and there's a gentle humor that is genuinely funny. It's a non-post-modern film: no camp, no ironic distance. I can't tell you how refreshing that is.  There's a fun and appealing cast with some of my favorite character actors as both good and bad guys. Nothing really surprising, but wholesome good fun, with no sly political agenda. A summer blockbuster that doesn't hate Americans? Imagine!

As is traditional, the Weedlet reviews, which being the spontaneous responses of my kids to the flick while out of earshot of one another:
Youngest Weed (7): Really, really good! But a little confusing.
Middle Weed (10): Awesome! (And indeed this was pretty much made for him.)
Rose Among Thorns (the girl, 12): (shrugging) It was okay. I enjoyed it.
Eldest Weed (14): Loved it. I like that for once the Americans were the good guys and they didn't try to pull the stunt of making us either the bad guys, or the ambiguously good guys because the other side has its points, too. Also, they didn't toss in a stupid love scene where it would make no sense.
As a bonus I'll throw in Mr. W's review, which I assure you is his absolute highest praise for a flick of this genre:
It could have been worse.