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A word about "Chaz" Bono being on Dancing With the Stars. Couldn't agree more with Ann Barnhardt's take:
Chastity Bono is Sonny & Cher's daughter who is claiming to be a member of the non-existent category "trans-sexual". She has mutilated her body and is taking male hormones in order to "appear" male. Chastity Bono was sexually abused as a child by her lesbian pedophile nanny for years. She has spoken and written about this openly. This sexual abuse was what caused Chastity Bono to develop serious psychosexual disorders. When lesbianism didn't "cure" her psychological problems, she sunk deeper into mental illness and began this process of self-mutilation. And this won't "cure" her either. My question to you is: ARE YOU ENTERTAINED? By watching and/or passively supporting this monstrous usury of Chastity Bono's childhood trauma and resulting mental illness ARE YOU SUFFICIENTLY ENTERTAINED? Or will you be needing more?
Forward to the 4-minute mark and see the little girl whose pain is now considered sport.
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