Parental Notification, At Last

Parents must be notified before kiddies can order fries or sodas at Darden (Olive Garden) restaurants.
All kids’ meals will automatically come with a side of fruit or vegetables and eight ounces of 1 percent milk unless an adult requests a substitute, Drew Madsen, president and chief operating officer of Orlando, Fla.-based Darden, told The Associated Press.
I was unaware Olive Garden waiters were in the habit of sneaking kids junk food their parents hadn't ordered and weren't paying for, but whatevs.

Kiddies can still get fries even if Mom won't order them. They just have to seek judicial bypass. To order fries without parental consent or notification, Little Jane just has to convince a judge that:
  • She is mature and sufficiently well informed about her nutrition options to make the decision without a parent or legal guardian being involved.
  • It is not in her best interest for her parent or legal guardian to be notified.
  • Notification of a parent or legal guardian could lead to physical, sexual, or emotional abuse.
So...if your mom will yell at you for eating junk food, ask a judge to bypass her authority. No one need ever know.