Planned Parenthood Is Your Couch Bum

Simcha Fisher is a little ticked off at the President for restoring Planned Parenthood funding after New Hampshire cut it off. Strong temptation to quote the whole thing, but will highlight just her description of Planned Parenthood. You should RTWT for her mordant description of the Obama Presidency, though.

It had become public knowledge that Planned Parenthood routinely lies and exploits women and routinely commits financial fraud.
We heard from their own employees that most of the services they provide to Medicaid patients can easily be found elsewhere.
And with high unemployment and foreclosure rates, it kind of chafed to learn that NH Planned Parenthood CEO Steve Trombley rakes in $250,000 a year to head a non-profit, taxpayer-funded organization.
And a lightbulb went off in the minds of NH voters.  It was kind of like the moment when mom and dad realize that their son’s college friend, who’s been crashing on the couch for the last eight months, can afford an iPhone, a motorcycle, and a $70 pair of jeans, but somehow never manages to scrape up enough cash to pitch in for the rent.  He smokes pot and brings home skeezy girlfriends, and they’re fairly sure he has fleas.
And mom and dad ask each other, “Remind me why we’re putting up with this?”
So they put their foot down.  They cut him off.  The NH Executive Council voted 2-3 not to renew Planned Parenthood’s $1.8 million contract—enough is enough!  When there’s not enough money to cover the basics, responsible voters turn a fishy eye on the dead weight in the budget.
Remember, whenever someone criticizes Planned Parenthood, they immediately set up a howl of protest: “Abortion?  What abortion?  That’s just a tiny piece of the pie!  We’re not about abortion.  We’re about pelvic exams and education—that’s why we’re really here.”
So when their funding was cut, they proved their dedication to all things not-abortion by immediately stripping away all of their services . . . except for abortion.