Party of The We Don't Mind If You're Rich

@MarybethHicks tweeted yesterday:
Why are leftists unfazed by exorbitant salaries of their leaders? 
She then linked to this lifesite piece on Planned Parenthood's President making $400,000/ year for what is supposedly charitable work.

That made me wonder what the net worth of some our most prominent activists on the Left might be. Google to my aid! Celebrity Net Worth provides some figures, selected as they happened to pop into my head w/n a 3-minute period.  (I couldn't find Paul Krugman's net worth.)

Thomas Friedman: $25 million (that's per Wiki)
Jesse Jackson: $10 million
Bill Maher: $23 million
Michael Moore: $50 million
Keith Olbermann: $35 million
Nancy Pelosi: $35.5 million
Harry Reid: $3.4 million
Al Sharpton: $5 million
Jon Stewart: $80 million
Pinch Sulzberger: $200 million (per Mediaite)

I don't begrudge these folks their money; but having just endured a lecture from an old friend about Republicans being the party of the rich, I do marvel at how that meme endures, when as of two years ago, 8 of the 10 wealthiest members of Congress were Democrats.