I Could Love This Rick Perry

Sure, it's pie-in-the-sky (because it takes Congress to achieve) but...a girl can dream can't she? From his "uproot and overhaul" speech:
we need a part-time Congress. I say send them home to live under the laws they pass among the people they represent.
Actually, it could be done. Pass a law banning heat and a/c in Congressional offices for "green" reasons. Everyone would go home and quit mucking around.
no longer will we prop up failed entities like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which were at the heart of the economic collapse because of mortgage financing policies that gave false confidence to homebuyers who have now defaulted or are under water. 

We will privatize Fannie and Freddie so politicians can no longer politicize them, and taxpayers will no longer be fleeced by them.
And lastly, we will put a permanent stop to federal funding of Planned Parenthood because our tax dollars should never be used in taking an innocent, unborn life.
Can Perry do what Reagan couldn't?
We will eliminate agencies that perform redundant functions. I will get rid of the Commerce Department, the Department of Education, and the Department of Energy.
We will downsize and re-task the EPA, so it no longer torments job creators or gives an official stamp to phony science.
We will end the TSA’s harassment of law-abiding travelers and return transportation security to the private sector.
And we will restructure the behemoth that has become the Department of Homeland Security.
Etc., etc.
We will put a moratorium on every pending federal regulation, and order a full audit of the last five years of new regulations, repealing those that are not affordable, effective or that kill jobs.
And we will say to every bureaucrat except our military and law enforcement: no salary increases until the federal budget is balanced. And because a president must lead by example, we should cut his salary in half until the budget is balanced.
Washington is so broken, Americans will accept nothing less than a complete overhaul of the way business is done in America.
Unfortunately, zero specifics on how this would be accomplished. But...ah, music.....

Update: See, I was just caught up in the dream and ignoring the Constitutional absurdity. Mr. W., on the other hand, says:
When a guy says that a President has the power to cut Congressional salaries in half, I don't bother to read the rest of it.
To which I say: well, if you're gonna go all constitutional on us....

Constitutional absurdity is, as I've said, the problem with everyone in the field except Santorum & Gingrich. None of 'em have given the role of govt and its various branches even two seconds of thought, in spite of our having been in constitutional crisis for the last 25 years at least.