Apparently I Have A Lot of Psychic Rage

Pulled the last pie for this evening's festivities from the oven about midnight, then fell into heavy sleep.

I am not conscious of being exceptionally worried about my kids losing their faith and purity in high school, but last night I dreamed my daughter came home with a free sample of contraceptive foam (in a vivid pink box) distributed by a manufacturer's rep who visited the school.

Immediately I went to Mr. Weed, waving the pink box, to inquire if he'd seen this outrage. The remainder of the scene consisted of my literally dreaming up the precise way to convey to the no-account principal the degree of my indignation about and contempt for a Catholic school foisting this poison on my innocent child --and on my dime!

I woke still shaken and a little sick the way giving vent to temper makes you, and it took 3-5 seconds before I realized Girl Weed isn't even in high school yet, and it was Christmas Eve, and I'm not angry, I'm joyful, and all that energy would be better spent finishing putting up the nativity scenes before the 27 guests arrive.

Eldest Weed, whose bed is separated from ours by a wall, also had a vivid dream -- that I bashed his head in with a sledgehammer.

In the context of the dream it was clear I did this "jokingly," and he not only survived but wasn't much hurt. However, clearly the rage emanating from my dream drifted through the plaster and found its way into his, no?

Meanwhile: should I consider myself to have been warned against the school in question in a dream?