I Mustache Germany A Question

Mr. W. & I watched Winston Churchill: Walking With Destiny (here it is on youtube), a documentary of 1940 and 1941, when it was in some respects Churchill alone for liberty in a very dark hour.

It's very well done, but confronted with all the war footage: the quasi-miraculous rescue of Allied troops from Dunkirk, the blitz, the slaughters in the Ukraine, and Hitler meeting with various generals, I was faced once again with one of life's little mysteries.

Why did anyone trust a man who thought a square mustache no broader than his nose looked good? Seriously, have you ever seen such a thing on any other person (who wasn't impersonating Hitler)? I don't care how sunk in unjust war reparations you are, does the mustache alone not tell you something is seriously wrong with this person?

(And, yes, Churchill documentaries are what passes for date night around here. I like a man who will nevah surrendah.)