"We Need More; You Have More"

Trinity Wall Street, a church which has been eager to help the Occupy movement, learns a lesson. I don't know which is funnier: expecting gratitude and reason from the Occupy bunch; the fact that Bishop Tutu has gotten into the act (on both sides, as it happens); or page two of the piece, in which the Formerly Grey Lady seems to suggest that because the church has a lot of real estate holdings, it ought to just surrender to unreasonable demands:
Less known, though, is the church’s status as a real estate titan. Since 1705, when Queen Anne of England bequeathed more than 200 acres of what was then farmland to the church, Trinity Real Estate has come to control six million square feet of property, much of it office space around Hudson Square, financing an operation most parishes could never fathom.
“No matter how supportive they may appear to Occupy, no matter how much hospitality they show to Occupy, Trinity Wall Street owns a lot of Lower Manhattan,” said Jim Naughton, a longtime observer of Episcopal Church issues who works as a partner at Canticle Communications, a public relations firm. “They’re vulnerable in that regard.
Apparently Trinity's owning other property negates its preference that occupiers not use its lot as a latrine and rape center.