Ocean on Fire & Other Search Engine Haiku

Simcha Fisher has taught me it's hilarious and sometimes disturbing and sorta poetic to see what key words people search to find your blog. Some "found" poems, then. (P.S. I very rarely consult my stats, but since I have, thanks for the frequent link-love all year from: Against the Grain, Rick @ Brutally Honest/ Wizbang, Maggie's Farm, Mulier Fortis, Ken Thomas at No Left Turns, ninme (my blogmother), and Catholic Commentary.)

i. Adult Education
Teach me how to curtsy
hippie protestors
technique of Fernando gallego
so much for humility

ii. People of the book
jewish girl from weeds
jews jaws
our lady of the needy
bishops signet rings
house church in western china
afghan actor in hollywood
lucky movie Q'usai
bride and groom of Iran

iii. Salvation History
jesus christ
creation rejoicing before God
divine enact

iv. Alliteration
putin poses
polish prisons
post hoc fallacy political cartoon
pedant til the end

v. Weeds Among the Wheat & Vice Versa
wheat weeds
wheat & weeds
wheat & weedddds
buckwheat weed
impeached wheat
ghana weed
cry havoc weed
wheat sith

vi. One-Stop Shopping
krugman net worth
renaissance sculptures of women
shakespeare mens costumes
painting, American colonies
shays rebellion political cartoons
meaning of pain diagram
everything explained through flow charts
subtle humor

vii. That's Bad, Right?
china's one child policy
benin bann voodoo
tunnel of oppression
ocean on fire