So Much For Humility

The President rose to power in part on the promise of a less arrogant United States, not throwing its weight around. I don't happen to share that interpretation of the war in Iraq, but it is definitely true that over the years the U.S. and the UN-Brussels axis of Europe has been extraordinarily arrogant in shoving its children-are-a-burden-abortion-is-a-blessing culture down the rest of the world's throat by tying aid and development programs to policies we like in that regard. Freedom's just another word for behaving like a trollop.

Two gentlemen from El Salvador describe how the US "respects" national sovereignty and local culture in their nation in this morning's WaTi.
The Obama administration, through its Ambassador Mari Carmen Aponte, has been pushing “LGBT” (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) rights in our country, demeaning our culture and insulting our values. We do not appreciate the implication made by Mrs. Aponte that because we do not support the homosexual agenda, we are guilty of “homophobia,” “brutal hostility,” “hatred” or “prejudice.”
We support the legitimate human rights of all our citizens. We do not, however, support made-up “homosexual rights,” nor do we appreciate an ambassador from another country coming in and preaching to us. We intend to defend our moral values and preserve our families.
They want the Senate not to confirm Mrs. Aponte, who was a recess appointment. But it's not her policy, it's the President's, as evidenced by Secretary of State Clinton's address to a UN body on International Human Rights day last month. Pushing for gay marriage in other countries is the official foreign policy of the United States.