Call Your Maryland Senators

Same-sex marriage was supposed to breeze through the Maryland Senate, but the Judiciary Committee has a hold on it. No scuttlebutt as to why, but any brake in their momentum is to the good.

Gossip from the offices of Maryland Marriage Alliance, where I was volunteering this evening:
  • They're very happy with the turn-out for the pro-marriage rally Monday night. Don't know the source for this claim, but it's said it was the largest turnout on Lawyer's Mall by people who weren't paid to be there. The cops privately estimate the crowd between 2000-3000 (depending which cop), and they say we're the most polite, orderly and non-violent group they've seen there. 
  • The folks are considering sending the First Lady of Maryland roses for calling the marriage defenders cowards. Apparently two wavering votes on our side were so ticked off by that they're solid again, and it's considered a main reason the rally was so big.
Keep the calls and postcards coming (call the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee Members if you're so inclined), but also, if you can, consider donating (click the "contribute" button here). The other side is massively funded: the ACLU and Human Rights Campaign and Soros-funded Catholics for Equality (grr!) are hiring celebrities to blitz the airwaves. Our side wants to run ads too, but that takes $$, and there's no national moneybags-and-celebrities organization backing us: just us little people who think it's wrong to deliberately deprive kids of a mother and father, and know this isn't about equality, it's about erecting a legal cudgel against Christians.

Word comes tonight that the Washington State Senate passed their same-sex marriage bill, and it's expected to fly through their house. So it would be extra nice if Maryland could halt the spread through the state legislatures.