Infanticide: It's Not Just For Peter Singer Anymore

Can you all please now agree that "Ethicist" is a bogus profession, existing for the sole purpose of rubber stamping whatever Mengelean wickedness we care to dream up?

"After-birth Abortion: Why Should the Baby Live?" is the peer-reviewed (!) work of professional ethicists Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva, and recently published in the Journal of Medical Ethics. Dr. Mengele is dead and therefore not the editor of this illustrious magazine, though the actual editor is shocked to find anyone disapproves and calls the criticism hate speech.

The argument is: kill the handicapped, and who can tell the difference between a fetus and a baby anyway? (Which is, y' know, what pro-lifers have been pointing out for 40 years now, though we draw the precise opposite conclusion from this nifty little inability to distinguish.)

As Donald Sensing points out, this means not only is there a right to abortion, but it's a retroactive right to kill any child who doesn't turn out as the parent wishes.

(I actually approve this new attitude, so long as it applies narrowly:  you get to kill your child if he grows up to be an ethicist, on the grounds that his humanity would be impossible to prove.)

Let me not distract myself with jeremiads about how steep an angle the slippery slope has turned out to have, because it's not my point.

My point is that I am somehow reminded of Rick Santorum's remark that it's snobby to expect everyone in America to go to college.
[Obama] wants you to go to college so he can remake you in his image.
For the record, Santorum made it abundantly clear in follow-up that he wasn't disparaging college degrees, merely saying not everyone's called to the intellectual life and we shouldn't be ragging on trade schools and art schools and conservatories, because plumbing and carpentry and art and music are also tremendously important (this latter remark I heard on the radio but can't find the source...perhaps it was later in the same C-SPAN tape as the original snob comment --sounded as if it were more or less in the same breath?)

But isn't he exactly right that there are some things so wicked only college professors advocate for them? And therefore if your skills lie elsewhere, you'd be better off steering clear?