Others Disperse

The President's long-time strategy of trying to divide Christians, especially Catholics, has come to a head with the HHS Mandate. The MSM like to play the game of repeatedly saying the bishops don't speak for all Catholics, as if that changed Church teaching or the moral obligations of faithful Catholics in any way. (Christians also break every Commandment; does that mean they no longer apply?)

On that point, Cardinal George makes an important clarifying remark in a post about his ad limina visit to Rome this week.
This is the first time in the history of the United States that a presidential administration has purposely tried to interfere in the internal working of the Catholic Church, playing one group off against another for political gain.  What isn’t always understood is that the Bishops of the Church make no attempt to speak for all Catholics; they never have.  The Bishops speak for the Catholic and apostolic faith, and those who hold that faith gather around them.  Others disperse.
Emphasis added.