Secular Jizyah

Two idle thoughts on recent items in the news.

1. Compare & Contrast
HHS Contraceptive Mandate
provides Catholic institutions with three choices: isolate themselves in a Catholic ghetto, serving and interacting only with fellow Catholics; live as non-Christians, with no regard for the moral dictates of the faith they profess; or pay stiff fines in exchange for a very limited ability to live as they please.
Non-Muslim Dhimmi citizens who paid the tax were permitted to practice their faith and to enjoy a measure of communal autonomy as well as being entitled to Muslim protection from outside aggression and being exempted from military service amongst numerous other exemptions to levies upon Muslim citizens, but Dhimmi constituted a second class status.
2. Susan G. Komen.
For a tiny moment there I thought I was going to stop being annoyed by pink. I can't help wondering if the take-away of most organizations won't be that it doesn't pay to be entangled with Planned Parenthood, because once you start, you will never be allowed to stop.

Mr. W. points to something more astonishing. Namely, how did PP get 22 U.S.senators (not mere reps, mind you, Senators) to threaten Komen for wanting to quietly drop some pretty small grants? How much is the President controlled by PP? Is HHS now simply a proxy for Planned Parenthood? This story suggests Cecile Richards is more powerful than the Veep, Panetta & Daly put together.

Planned Parenthood delenda est!