Dan Bongino

I got a tweet nudging me to tune into a local radio interview with Senate candidate Dan Bongino. He's running in the GOP primary next week to take on Sen. Ben Cardin. OMG where did this guy come from? I know the literal answer: the Secret Service. But I mean the guy is so sharp and articulate, with such mastery of the issues, it's hard to believe he could be a first-time political candidate. He's funny, low-key, walks the line between not taking himself too seriously and never missing a trick (like signing off, "Dan Bongino" so you remember his name), and best of all, he educates voters about why he thinks what he thinks rather than simply asserting positions.

You should have heard his discussion of school choice and later of Paul Ryan's budget (will post the podcast when it's up). I don't know how he's looking for Tuesday, but the guy's going places.