Danish TV Catches Sophomores At Work


Not only do sophomores write the speeches, they re-submit the same ones for different classes. The Danes caught them at it and are really ticked.
Curtsy: Powerline

Update: Formerly Single Gal sent me a clip: an Esquire profile of Jon Favreau, Mr. Obama's chief speechwriter, from back in 2008. It's all 27-year-old-wunderkind and Bush-didn't-understand-the-words annoying. Also includes two utterly unsurprising facts:

Favreau admires the work of She Who Must Not Be Linked:
he also says Peggy Noonan is his all-time favorite speechwriter.
That explains much. The gauzy sentimentality and self-reference. The effort to turn each new government power-grab into a "these are the boys of Point du Hoc" moment.

He is too busy to read much.
You don't say?